Everywhere We Go We Bring The Rain (Massachusetts + Maine)

It was Saturday, summer was winding down, and our feet were itching again. This is how most of our travels begin. 

On a whim, after coming down with a serious case of boredom, we decided to hit the road again–this time for a 28-hour drive.

East coast was the destination. Because we hadn’t made it to Massachuttes and Maine on our honeymoon roadtrip, it was determined that we must spend a few days in each. And we certainly did just that–a few glorious, explorative days eating and hiking and camping. 

The drive there wasn’t so bad. We were eager and excited so the two days of in the car seemed to fly by. We made our first couple stops in Cape Cod and Boston for a few days of sand between our toes and delicious food in our bellies–Neptune Oyster Bar in Boston was SO worth the extra drive time. And not pictured because it was too quickly eaten, a huge slice of pizza from Regina Pizzeria–also SO worth the drive time and the stand-in-line along the building time. 

Our newest goal is to visit as many National Parks as we can (so far we’ve got seven) so naturally Acadia was on our to-do list. During our time in the park we experienced icy cold waters, cool breezes, and breathtaking views.


Of course it wouldn’t have been a true roadtrip of ours without some rain, so typical to our nature we brought it with us. The rangers in the park explained how they hadn’t had any for nearly two weeks so we laughed about our history of always ending up in the rain and packed our last night in with a load of wet gear. Though not before we stopped at Mount Desert Island Ice Cream for homemade flavored ice cream in cones bigger than our heads. Apple honey, maple nut, and basil were a few of our favorites. 

The ride home was lengthy, and we narrowly survived legs that had fallen asleep, but we found a new way to pass the time–tracking license plates to see how many we could record. The final record was all but Alaska, Hawaii and North Dakota, and we even saw five Canadian providences.

Overall, it shaped out to be an incredible, spur of the moment roadtrip that brought our state count to 47. Arizona, Alaska and Montana, we’re coming for you next.