Where We’re Going

In just 74 days Mitchell and will pack up our travel necessities and hit the road.


I am filled with so many emotions as the day grows closer, and I can hardly contain my excitement. After all, we have 43 states to see, 12,000 miles to drive, and 180 hours of time in the car, not including a flight to Hawaii and a ferry to Alaska. That’s a lot to think about, especially when we only have about 100 days in which to do it.

To date we have a general idea about the most important things to see, a rough outline of the route we will take, and a return home by date. We are steering away from having a set schedule of activities or deadlines, and instead planning to take it as it comes. We have, however, set a few conditions for ourselves.

We must put our feet in all five Great Lakes. We must not eat fast food. We must buy from every roadside stand- no matter what they are selling.

We will avoid places we have been numerous times and focus on the states that we have never visited. We will eat local food and we will explore the terrain of each individual place. And of all the places we will see and things we will do, there are a few that I am most looking forward to- eating sushi in California, hiking volcanoes in Hawaii, and finding a secret salsa club in New York.

We will experience these things all the while camping and living out of the back of our minivan. We will cook meals on a fire, and we will drink our coffee from a french press. We will spend a good amount of time in our swimming suits, and you can bet that I will be barefoot more often than not. We will find wi-fi at rest stops to blog about our days, and we will send postcards to the people we love.

On this trip, I hope to learn new things. I hope to journal daily, and I hope to do yoga in incredible places I’ve never imagined. I hope to stay up all night and to wake up earlier than I ever have before- preferably not on the same day. I hope to take hundreds of photos, and to get sandy from head to toe.

And I hope you enjoy being along for the ride.


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