On The Road Again: Year One Anniversary Trip

Sunday marked one year since the day we were married, so naturally we celebrated by hitting the road. We never can stay put for too long.

This time it was a trip up north that struck our fancy. I wanted to go somewhere quiet, slow and full of autumn colors–so Wisconsin it was.

There just happened to be the 54th annual Apple Festival taking place in the tiny town of Bayfield, and we knew between the beautiful waters of Lake Superior and all things apple we would find numerous things to do and see, and eat.

Early Friday morning we packed it in for an eight-hour drive–nothing unusual for us, though I say this as the passenger for most of the drive. My husband does the majority of the driving, the majority of the time. I’m lucky for that. And I make sure to tell him how much I appreciate being able to ride and read while he handles all the vehicle maneuvering and difficult drivers.

Our travels took us directly to the festival where we consumed quite possibly our weight in apple flavored deliciousness. Apple brats, apple butter, apple dumplings, apple crisp, hot apple cider, and of course a caramel apple. All of which were consumed much too quickly to snap a picture–except for this caramel apple.

There was a live band, apple peeling contest, and even crowning of the Apple Festival Queen. It was certainly a day meant for indulging and celebrating.

The following day we awoke to frost on the car window and joked that our next year’s destination would be a lot more beachy and a lot less bundled. We took a cruise out around the beautiful Apostle Islands and heard interesting stories about the national lake shore. It was remarkable to be in the center of such a massive body of water and to see the fall colors poking through the edges of each island.

This anniversary began a tradition of taking our picture in a photo booth to hold as a keep sake and remembrance of all of the places we have gone and seen. It is our hope that these yearly photo strips will symbolize our growing together as we watch ourselves age over the years.

Our trip concluded with a stop at a local pizza place in Minneapolis, Minnesota. By chance we chose the restaurant off of a map and stopped for lunch. At this particular restaurant the decor used was old soda bottles, with the smallest flowers peeking out of the top rim–a familiar sight from our own old soda bottle center pieces from our wedding. It was serendipitous and so so sweet.

The tradition of wearing my wedding dress over again was also born this year. Upon returning home I slid back into it and retreated to the couch for popcorn and our regular Sunday night shows. I may argue that this will be my most favorite tradition. I am so glad that I kept it as it was from our wedding night–with frayed and dirty edges from all of the dancing we did and even a few spots of red wine from all of the hugging of friends with too-full cups. It was like slipping back into that moment with the vintage music, the smell of the wooden barn, and the laughter and love that filled the room.

As usual, the trip was romantic and unforgettable and again I am left feeling so fortunate and so in love.


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